When Pia Peterson founded Evoke her mission was to create Australia’s first zero-emissions luxury chauffeur service, a year on Pia now has a fleet of Tesla Model S vehicles and they’ve passed 200,000km on our roads.

I’m no greenie, but I do love the idea of our most active road users being a bit better on the environment given they’re out there all day every day.  In Amsterdam I saw Teslas as Taxis and it makes perfect sense – the fuel costs savings alone must make economic sense over the life of the average hire-car or taxi.


“We have been absolutely blown away by the response from the community – it is obvious that many people appreciate our luxury, zero-emissions service,” said Evoke’s founder, Pia Peterson.

Every week 1,000 litres of petrol is saved by using fully-electric Tesla Model S vehicles, which means across the fleet Pia now operates over 26,000 litres have been saved.


Pia is no stranger to the Tesla range, and expects to expand further when the Model X arrives in Australia and is even considering expansion outside of Sydney when the time is right.

As someone who’s used Evoke a few times for airport transfers, we here at EFTM congratulate Pia & Evoke on the milestone.

If you want to give it a go for your next transfer or trip, visit the Evoke website.