Perhaps the biggest challenge of owning an Apple Watch is having yet another charging cable to carry around with you when you travel – interstate or overseas, the Watch needs to be charged every day so you’ve got to carry a charger.


One option is Apple’s own Magnetic charging dock which can be plugged into a lightning cable to charge and doesn’t require an additional Watch Charge cable.


But if you’re like me and charge your watch and phone at the same time then you might need something else.

Enter the TimePorter from the good folk at Twelve South.  They’ve done plenty of things we’ve loved before – this is ideally suited to travellers.


The TimePorter looks like a case for your glasses or sunglasses – but inside there’s no glasses, just room to loop around an Apple Watch charging cable.  The cable doesn’t come included so you need to use your original, or a new one from Apple.

On the top of the open side is a hole where the charging end sits snug to allow your watch to sit there or wrap around the whole init to charge.


There’s a gap for the cable to come out while the TimePorter is closed so no need to entirely remove the cable.

It’s pretty genius design.  Priced at $69.99 it’s a hefty investment, but considering there is even room inside for a portable battery – there’s a whole lot going on here.


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