For some time, Vodafone have had a “Network Guarantee” – their way of letting you out of your contract after just a month if you felt you didn’t have coverage in the places you need it.  This week, they’re taking that one step further with a money-back guarantee.

Vodafone Chief Marketing Officer Loo Fun Chee in Vodafone Store 2

You can imagine how the original network guarantee was dreamt up – sitting around a board room table, wondering how to get people to at least try the Vodafone network after the woes of the past.  “What if we let them out of their contract after the first month if they don’t like it”.  BINGO!

Well you might not realise that Vodafone is actually the only telco offering such a guarantee.  Optus launched something similar in April, but it quietly disappeared in recent weeks.

And its a hot button area – so many millions of people off contract, not considering switching because “better the devil you know” right?

You walk into a Vodafone store, they ask where you live, where you work, places you frequent and they check the coverage map to see how it should go.

After signing a 24 month contract, paying $70, $100 whatever dollars a month, you find that things aren’t great.

Within the first 30 days, walk back into a Voda store, hand over the phone, and walk away without the burden of paying off the contract.

Today though, it’s even better.  When you hand back the phone, there’s no cost for the first month, usage or handset.  So it really is now a money-back guarantee.

Just another reason to ask yourself why you’re on that long contract with your telco.  There are three majors and a whole lot of minor players – about time we all thew loyalty the same way that the big company’s have – and just start switching as we need.

Money Back guarantee after all:)