A food festival is a wonderful thing. A music festival is a wonderful thing. An Open Air Cinema is a wonderful thing. Putting all three into one festival… is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful thing.1X5A3593

The BBR Festival is primarily a French Festival, held over Bastille weekend from Thursday the 14th of July to the 17th of July. The festival will entertain you, amazing you and wine’n’dine you. If you’re in Sydney this weekend it’ll be hard to ignore this huge selection of things to do and enjoy.


The item which caught our eye was the European Market. Over 60 stalls from nine countries such as; Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Switzerland will have food on offer, wine and beer. The beauty of these regions will be the vast arrays of food on offer but we’ll be excited about the wine. From Bordeaux to Beaujolais to Champagne, there will be red and white wine waiting to please your palette.


All throughout the day and night, live entertainment, dancing and concerts will take place allowing you to grab some food and drinks, relax and take yourself to another country entirely. Along with Europe will be… Canada? Yes, Canada will be putting on the mulled wine, street hockey and throwing 3 tonnes of snow into Sydney. Because, why not?


For those looking to plan more into their day at the BBR Festival will enjoy Masterclasses, the Open Air Cinema and more. It will
be a huge event, skip breakfast, fill up on the food, enjoy a glass of vino and immerse yourself in the European culture.

Info: bbrfestival.com.au