People of Australia, why, oh why are you still using your internet service provider (ISP) for email.  Yes, I’m talking to you or  Break free, find out fast that there is so much more to email than ISP mail.

I say this for two reasons.  Firstly, it’s one of the most common questions I get on talk-back radio – how do I fix this with my email, or why has this happened to my email  Every time – the answer is tough, but it involves the user taking the step to walk away from the ISP email and sign up for a free online account like or

The second, today Roy Morgan Research revealed that after 12 years Google’s Gmail has just become Australia’s most-used email service.

Some 7.4 million Aussies used Gmail in an average four-week period exceeding Microsoft’s by just under 100,000 users.

It’s significant because the battle is real – though Microsoft had held the ascendancy due to their acquisition of Hotmail many years ago.

The jump is big, in four years 3.5 million new Aussie users have moved to Gmail, averaging just under one million per year while Microsoft only gained 1.1 million in the same time.


Way back in third is Telstra Bigpond – 2.9 million Aussies still logging in to get their mail via Bigpond.  For some reason there are still people using Yahoo mail too.


So here’s the thing – by using an “ISP” email address, you’re linking yourself to that ISP.  So you’ve handed all your friends an email address to reach you on.  Great.  What if Optus offers you a much better deal on your internet access?  What happens when the NBN hits your street and EVERY ISP is offering you a deal?.  You’ll feel compelled to stay with Bigpond because “I don’t want to have to change my email address”.

Ok, that’s insane.

Sign up now for a Gmail account and you’re creating an ISP free cloud-based email account.  That means two key things:

1/ You can connect to the internet with any provider you want, change provider whenever you want, and no-one needs to know. You don’t have to update your address with your friends and family

2/ The cloud means no more storing emails on your computer.  Don’t ring me up and tell me your computer has crashed how do I recover all my emails?  Nope.  Every email you send and receive is searchable via the web interface.  Simple.

I personally use Gmail.  And for a small extra fee I link my domain name to Gmail so when you email me it’s actually just a Gmail account – easy for me, professional looking to you.

So, stop wasting time – start the transition now, tell your friends your new email and then once you’re happy they all now how to find you – go find a better deal on your internet access too!