LG today announced its latest Robot Vacuum the Roboking Turbo+Homeview for Australian buyers with a nifty little feature – remote control and remote monitoring

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The new Roboking has a front-facing camera calling you to look into your home from afar via your smartphone and also motion detection alerts all from the vacuum itself.


As a vacuum, it’s doing the same job as other Robot Vacuums and its LG predecessors, which is not to say it’s not great, but they are good for keeping an easy room or rooms tidy, but you’ve still got to do the leg work now and then.

But the addition of smarts to the range really bumps it up a level.  “HomeView” is LG’s name for the real-time monitoring you can do through the camera in the thing, and when paired with the “ThinQ” app you can get updates on the cleaning progress, alter the vacuum path and look through the camera.

Turbo+_Metalic Red


Similarly, the “HomeGuard” feature in the “Turbo+Homeview” model can also be used to send you alerts when movement is detected in our home.


Oh and for the kids – or the kids at heart – you can even use your smartphone to remote control your vacuum. Yep, an on-screen joystick ads remote control so you can make sure it doesn’t miss a spot:)

Turbo+ Wifi_Metalic Gold

There’s a whole lot more including the ability to see where it’s cleaned on the app and even schedule cleans – it’s a pretty smart bit of kit.


Available now, ranging in price from $1399 to $1799 for all those bells and whistles.