File this one in the “ideas so crazy it just might work” category: Audio company Scott has created the Luminor, a wireless iPod dock system that uses tiny speakers that replace your lightbulbs, offering both light and music. See, I told you it was crazy.

The system works like this. You get a pretty standard iPod dock – it has the standard video out/aux in/ SD card reader slots, so it’s not just for iPods or iPhones – with wireless built in. The wireless is important because that’s how it communicates to the speakers.

And this is where things get interesting. Instead of traditional bookshelf speakers, the Luminor has speakers in the shape of light bulbs, that connect to your light sockets through a traditional E27 screw-in connection. Surrounding the speakers are 85 LEDs with two dimmable settings, that you can control through the Luminor’s remote control system.

You can expand the speaker system with up to seven Luminor light speakers, and with the device’s range of about 30 metres it means you can have music streaming through the whole home, although without minute control over where the music plays.

There’s also a wireless subwoofer for those who want a more robust sound.

It’s a fairly out there idea. While the small wireless speakers aren’t going to be anywhere near good enough for a proper home theatre system, it does offer a whole new way to consider music systems in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. The only catch is that you have to have the E27 screw type light bulb connections to make it work, and many homes only use the bayonet type connections.

What do you think? Is this the kind of crazy invention you’d be happy to spend money on?

Price: $250
Web: Audion