The Good Food and Wine Show is about to kick off in Sydney and just like last year, we’re excited about it. Any excuse to celebrate great food and wine in Australia. We’ve got some inside word on the top five beverages to try and perhaps buy at the show.

Mr Black

MrBlack- 2 low-res

This is not just a sexy bottle. The contents are where are the joy is held. Cold extract coffee from areas such as Ethiopia, Brazil and Papua New Guinea come together with pure Australian grain spirit to give you a coffee liquor to wake you up and take the edge off. Mr. Black does sell for $59.95 for the 700ml bottle but keep an eye out for a taste or buy a cup full at the show.

Melbourne Martini

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We’ve seen many items served in a jar, but an espresso martini is a first. This Australian company has put premium cold drip coffee, vodka and chocolate into this single serving jar. Just add an ice cube, shake and pour – or drink it from the jar, we wont judge. These martinis sell for $9.99 each.

Pocket Concoctions


From a distance you would be forgiven for thinking these are cologne bottles. They’re the coolest branded cocktails we’ve seen in a while. Made by Süd Polaire these concoctions are blended by the master distiller and bottles by hand in Tasmania. Some of the flavours include the classic martini, gimlet, bennet and negroni featuring triple distilled Antartctic  dry gin. Very easy to just keep in the fridge, shake, serve. The concoctions sell as a set for $149.

Moo Brew


Beer. Aussies love it. Aussies make it. This Tasmanian based brewery is bringing five core beer styles: Pilsner, Pale Ale, Hefeweizen, Belgo and Dark Ale. We love the Pale Ale but don’t take our word for it. The beers are unpasteurised, as well as being preservative and additive free, so you’ll feel less guilty about trying all five. The bottles look classy but we recommend serving it in a glass.

Raw Milk

Yep. Made by Cow is bringing the world first safe to drink cold-pressed raw milk to the Good Food and Wine Show. Using patented technology Made by Cow has been able to produce milk that is safe to drink and direct from the cow. The process involves careful control of the cows in the field, careful diet and selection along with a special process of pressurising the milk and bottles to ensure that what you are consuming is safe. The end result is said to be the most nutrient packed milk available. If you’re game then jump into a 750ml bottle for $5.


See you at the show!