The Family Hub smartfridge Samsung announced in January for the US market is now a reality in Australia with the tech giant announcing availability, pricing and a retail grocery partnership today in Sydney.


Having seen the Fridge in Berlin three weeks ago and hearing availability in Australia was coming soon, I arranged to take a look at the fridge in detail this week.

This thing is enormous, it’s a real family fridge.

On the front right hand door is a 21.5 inch touch-screen which essentially works like a giant tablet.

Running Samsung’s Tizen operating system it’s slick, pretty responsive and graphically very easy to understand.


Each app is more like a tile on one of the home screens, and just like a phone or tablet you swipe between the screens.

There are too many apps or uses to name, but let me give you my top four.

  • Whiteboard
    • This is a simple note making app, write, type or emoji up a note for everyone in the house to share. Importantly, it’s cloud linked, so you can view and create the notes on your Samsung Smartphone too.
  • Photos
    • No more magnets, electronically share your photos on the fridge screen as a constant family reminder
  • TV
    • Got a Samsung TV in the other room? Easy. Press the TV Mirroring and the Fridge will show exactly what’s on the TV screen on the 21 inch screen on the door of the fridge.
  • Music
    • Listen to radio or music via TuneIn radio or Pandora


In addition to that, there are two super awesome features that are more than just the screen


  • Morning Brief
    • This intelligent “assistant” will speak to you first thing in the morning when you approach or open the fridge. You can get the weather, details of your day, perhaps even info on what’s going off in the fridge soon.


  • Shopping
    • Samsung has Partnered with Woolworths to fully integrate the online shopping experience here. The Woolies app (Available in October) lets you shop from your fridge. Simple!
    • There are recipes too to help you guide through the kitchen tasks, but remembering what you need and adding it to your virtual trolly has never been more convenient.

Oh, and the killer app? Three cameras inside the fridge take a photo each time you close it, that photo can be seen on your connected smartphone allowing you to see if you really do need Milk while you’re standing in front of the Milk fridge at your local supermarket.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Woolworths to bring the Family Hub™ experience to Australian households,” said Jeremy Senior, Head of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics Australia.

“The integration of the Woolworths App is designed to give Australians more convenience than ever before, saving time and adding an extra layer of support and functionality. Family Hub™ breaks new ground for household technology that is designed to transform the way Australians manage their food and life around the kitchen,” Jeremy said.


Kate Langford, Woolworths General Manager of Digital, said; “At Woolworths, the customer is at the centre of everything we do, so working with Samsung on the Family Hub™ made perfect sense for us as we work to provide our customers with convenient ways to shop.

“With the kitchen at the heart of the home, the Woolworths App on the Family Hub™ will deliver a great experience for customers, while also acting as a constant source of food inspiration,” Kate said.

The Family Hub is available now, and will set you back a cool $7,499.