Headphones priced at $300, $400 even $500 are not uncommon in these days, higher quality materials, better sound, new technologies all lead to the price of high end headphones hitting new limits.  At IFA here in Berlin, Sony have today announced their “Signature Series” audio products, including headphones at a hefty price.


You’re going to want to sit down. If you want the MDR-Z1R Hi-Res Audio headphones, you’re going to need a few thousand dollars.  Yes, a few thousand.  The Aussie price will be $2,999 available later this year.

They’ve got a beta-titanium headband, magnesium dome HD driver units, and an “aluminium-coated liquid crystal polymer edge” –  basically, these are no cheap plastic headphones ok.


The proof is in the listening – and I can tell you, even on my crappy ears these sound amazing.  Audiophiles will judge for themselves, but when paired with the NW-WM1Z Walkman, and the TA-ZH1ES headphone amplifier, it’s probably the best way to experience high resolution audio files.  The Gold Walkman is $4,299!


With a gold-plated oxygen free copper chassis, that Walkman looks the ducks nuts, let alone pushing out high quality sound.

All these signature products look to set Sony above the rest, sure they have great headphones at a range of prices, this announcement in Berlin reinforces their vast range, sound heritage and commitment to Hi-Res Audio.


I get the sense we’re dealing with an early leader in Sony for the Hi-Res next generation of audio, I suspect in five years from now all the talk will be about higher definition audio and how certain products are or are not compatible, let alone upgrading our streaming and downloadable libraries to cope.

Trevor Long travelled to Berlin for IFA 2016 as a Guest of Sony Australia – Click here for Full details of commercial interests and disclosures