Summer Essentials: BBQ, Smoke or Roast

With summer around the corner, we can almost look outside and smell the BBQ, see the cold beer and taste the perfect steak. It might be worth taking a look at the BBQ you have outside and consider that if you need to replace it, now is the time.

With the rise in smoking (food) and outdoor roasting we thought we would put together a few options to get your summer outdoor cooking ready to roll.


BeefEater BIGG BUGG Amber hood open

The Weber Q has been a real hit in Australia, they’re available in multiple sizes and didn’t cost the earth either. There is however, another option. Perfect for an apartment balcony or on your deck in the backyard. The latest from BeefEater called the BIGG BUGG is a truly premium, high quality BBQ that will fit food for the family and the neighbours that randomly pop in. We love the proper cast iron hood that will keep the heat in for that slow cooking moment. Priced at $799 you’ll be glad it can come with you if you move house.

The Smoker

Fornetto Razzo 18 inch Red 2 stackers _3

As if this trend came out of no where, smoking is now one of the most popular outdoor cooking methods. Some smokers look extremely complicated however this particular one is designed with compartments to make the process simpler. Called the Razzo by Fornetto, this smoker is available in 18 or 22 inch diameter. Multiple compartments allow you to stack your options to your cooking style from a picnic to the multiple hours smoking session at home. If you were hoping to get on the bandwagon and smoke some meat then this is a beautiful option. Priced from $549 you just need to convince the wife.

The Oven


Wood fired ovens are normally found in Italian pizza restaurants and something you watch from a distance. The reality is that you could have one in your backyard without needing 1000 bricks and a cement dome. The team at Fornetto have two options (cheaper and more expensive) of ovens that look the business and have wheels for storing away when you aren’t using it. The basic wood fired oven has two compartments; one for the wood and the other for your food, and will allow you to cook pizza, whole chicken and even a leg roast.


The bigger, more expensive option adds quite a lot of value with proper storage for your wood (away from the elements) and a warming section. Starting from $949 and $1299 for the Fornetto Alto you’ll be singing Dean Martin in no time.

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