It was the hit toy last Christmas, Sphero’s BB-8 was not just the ultimate movie character coming to life in a toy – it was something amazing. Based on the Sphero toy that has been around a little while, this incarnation based and designed around the Star Wars droid was a huge hit.

And this Christmas, BB-8 owners are going to want more, and those who didn’t make the plunge are going to be tempted again.

Enter, the Force Band. This wearable does nothing more than give you the power to control your Sphero BB-8, it does so by moving with your body and reacting to “force-like” gestures.

At $139.99 it’s the perfect accessory for any Star Wars fan who owns a BB-8.  If you don’t have one, or you want to take your collection to the next level, you can buy the special edition battle-worn BB-8 in a bundle with a Force Band for $349.99.


There are a whole bunch of features coming, but all I tried was “Control your droid” and that made moving the BB-8 easier than I’ve ever found with the app.


“Branching out of app-enabled robotics and into new categories that enhance play patterns and user experience has always been our goal,” said Paul Berberian, Sphero CEO. “We continue to broaden the realm of what’s possible when it comes to robotics and through that, we are able to deepen the connection between user and Droid™. The introduction of our first gesture based wearable is a major milestone for Sphero.”

The Force Band, and Battle-Worn BB-8 are in-stores from September 30, at JB Hi-Fi, Myer, Harvey Norman and Apple.

First go, its fun, takes very little getting used to – when paired with the app, and the learning & battle skills this thing is going to be one of the most interactive real-world toys we’ve ever seen.