Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker review: Amazing for the price and size

I was always a fan of the Braven Mira – shower speaker frankly, though I’m sure targeted more at the poolside and other wet areas – that’s where it found a home in my place.  The new Braven 105 is a perfect example of one-upmanship – yet it’s cheaper.


At $89.99 this is one of those ultra-affordable Bluetooth speakers, and anyone who’s been into a retail store lately knows there’s a lot of speakers to choose from.

However, my normal rule of thumb is “under $100 – won’t be great quality”.  Oh how wrong I was.

Sitting here, right now, with Eye of the Tiger playing from my phone on Spotify, the Braven 105 is giving me a deep sound, clear beats, some crisp edge to the sound and all round volume too.


My only observation is that it’s remarkably uni-directional.  Sitting just off centre produces a very different sound – but not a bad one, just strange sensation.

Around back, there’s (sadly) no kick stand like the Mira – that thing was a great hook and stand in one.  Instead there’s a nylon strap and clip on attachment which allows you to use a GoPro like mount in any location.   Again, great idea, but I’d like something simpler!


The unit comes with a stand to attach to that GoPro clip – which makes it great on a bench or desk.

Despite its small size and low price, the Braven 105 packs a solid punch and is a great individual portable speaker option at under $100 – and it comes in a range of colours too!


Braven 105 Bluetooth Speaker
Date Published: 11/22/2016
Amazing sound given the size and price, not to tinny at all, one of the best sounds you'll get for under $100
4.5 / 5 stars


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