So you’ve got a nice big flat-screen TV.  Looks great, picture is good.  But it’s sitting on the entertainment unit, just wanting, waiting to be hung on the wall properly.  Problem is, you know you’ll botch that job, and a professional is going to cost the earth.  Nope.

I’ve wanted to wall-mount our TV for some time – but I’ve done it before, and it was hard.  Huge heavy wall bracket, plus getting it straight – finding the studs in the wall and if they’re not in the perfect spot heaven knows what then.


So I searched the interwebs.  Found a lot of dodgy looking places.  Not sure I could trust that the total cost would be clear.

Then I found Universal Home Theatre.  They had a price on-screen, and with further detail it seemed to include all the bits you need – including the bracket.


Now I looked at JB HiFi, you’re up for $100-$200 for a decent basic bracket.  So for Universal to charge $297 including the bracket was pretty good.


Faron turned up at my place bright and early (because I had to ask to change the previously booked time due to a last-minute Channel 9 spot I had to do), and got straight to it.

We discussed how high we wanted the TV, and off he went, measuring, fitting and finally four bolts into the wall and the bracket was up.

Two holes top and bottom to feed the cables through and the TV was back and mounted on the wall.

A nice cover plate for the hole in the wall with my cables running through, a check to see if it’s all working and we’re done.


Payment on the spot with credit card via Stripe and Faz was off to his next job.

Turns out they do all the Bing Lee home installs, and many more private jobs – of course many much more complex than this 45 minute job.

Honestly, couldn’t be happier.  The TV looks like it’s where it should be, and the job was done first time with no mistakes.

Highly recommended.


(and yes, I paid for the install, I just wanted to share the recommendation!)