Coolest Star Wars present this Christmas: Levitating Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

I’ve seen a lot of Bluetooth Speakers in my time, this one takes the cake.  While last year’s hot Christmas gift for Star Wars nerds was the BB-8 Sphero, perhaps this year it’s the Plox Death Star levitating Bluetooth speaker.


Yep, levitating.  It’s all magnets and tricks, but it is seriously floating there. You can put a wire around it, paper whatever, its floating people!

I’ll be right up front and tell you there are a lot – and I mean a lot – of better sounding Bluetooth speakers at $250 – but none of them this impressive to look at.


This is really a $50-$60 Bluetooth speaker on a $250 fancy Star Wars base and that’s fine with me.

You’ll find it at JB HiFi and you won’t regret it.


Oh, and if you’re wondering how to make it levitate – good luck, the instructions and “guide” included are useless – watch my video above to see how I do it – that’s the easiest way to hold it and then just use the force:)


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