Lovers of Swiss watches put your caramel latte down. Let us explain.

The category for Best Watch is an interesting one. What makes a watch great? What makes one watch better than the others? Let’s consider a few things; style, function and cost.


In the area of style we love a watch that just simply looks like a normal watch, no huge dials, large bling or complicated extra dials. The Garmin Vivomove resembles a simple watch, comes in a number of designs yet looks fine while you wear a suit or take it for a run in your gym gear. It’s rather universal in that way.

Function is another simple category in that we need a watch the fundamentally tells the time and does so very clearly… check. What is most interesting though is that this simple looking watch carries another level of function not seen in a simple watch. It carries features normally seen in a fitness tracker, the Garmin Vivomove will track your steps on one small gauge and another gauge will help prompt you to move again. The Garmin Vivomove carrier bluetooth onboard for syncing to your smartphone but is also unlike any fitness tracker on the market for one other reason, battery life. The Garmin Vivomove does all your daily monitoring, syncs data to your phone and will last one full year on battery. How’s your FitBit looking now?


Cost is a huge “yoooouge” factor for us and our audience when considering a watch purchase. Sure the TAG Monaco is a fine looking timepiece but for many it is far too expensive to see beyond the full page ad. The Garmin Vivomove comes in at $249RRP very similar to the price of a FitBit Charge 2 but unlike the price of many stylish watches. For the money, you’re getting a nice looking watch, a simple fitness tracker, one year battery life and water resistance.



It is for all of the above reasons we proudly award the Garmin Vivomove the EFTM Best Watch of 2016.