The car is looking neglected, a wash and polish can do wonders on the outside but how much of a pain is cleaning the inside. Dyson to the rescue with their new Dyson V6 Car+Boat handheld vacuum.


Traditionally you had two options if you’re cleaning out the inside of your car at home. The first was to grab that battery-powered dustbuster, the other to drag the household vacuum outside on a long extension cord.

Problem is, the battery vac is normally underpowered, and the household vacuum is enormous and struggles to do the job right.


Enter the Dyson V6 Car+Boat Extra machine – this is cordless, portable and engineered for cleaning the car, boat or small areas.

To test this, I had to bring myself to purchasing a lamington, and I enjoyed it – only for the purpose of this article of course!. But the brown bag it came in was full of coconut. So I dashed that around the floor of the car to make a bit of a mess (because the car I was in was already impeccable)


The motorised tool I threw on the end was very much like a miniature carpet vacuum and I assumed it would do the best job. To my surprise it wasn’t amazing, but it sure did the job quick. I resorted to a more standard brush attachment for the rest of the carpet.

Importantly there are all the normal attachments for you, including a mini hose that would be 50cm long, allowing you to navigate a brush or vacuum head under the seats and into all the nooks and crannys.


In the end it was one simple feature which convinced me about this one. The car-charger. Yep, a 12V car charger included in the box so if you forgot to charge it or have done so much you need a bit more juice – no problem.

At $449 you’re going to want to have a nice car, or love cleaning a lot to get the most value from it. Regardless, this is the best portable vacuum you can get for those out and about cleaning needs.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Dyson V6 Car+Boat Vacuum” rev_body=”Great little unit, in-car charging, specific attachments to the need – just a touch pricey” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2016-11-28″ user_review=”4″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]