This is a tough category, so I wanted to get it out-of-the-way and announce it early. Gadget. Best Gadget. This is a very broad space, in the past we’ve given it to the Belkin Wemo, last year to the Dog & Bone smart padlock.

For 2016 though, we’ve given it to the Netatmo Weather Station. This simple system allows you to at a glance see the conditions inside and outside your home.


Connected to your WiFi network you can see the data from anywhere you are, and you can share your data with friends or family and even contribute to a globally crowdsourced weather map.

Forget that old temperature gauge. The Netatmo Weather Station tells you about the quality of air, not just temperature. Plus you can add wind and rain gauges too.


If you’re looking to gift a gadget – consider the Netatmo Weather Station.