Vacuums are one thing, hand dryers another, but when Dyson announced a hair dryer – no-one saw that coming. The Dyson Supersonic launched at a premium price to excellent reviews, and in our home – it’s still in daily use. That’s saying something.


The EFTM Best awards number 30 in total this year. 25 category awards and four overall awards (Blokes Best, Best Tech, Best Lifestyle, Best Car and Best of the Best). Awarding an overall plaque to any product means it stood out from the crowded world of product marketing and reviews and will stand the test of time.

Dyson’s Supersonic hair-dryer is such a product. Despite the hefty price, it’s changing the game, improving hair health and the speed at which your hair can be done.


It’s new look, redesigned approach and simple magnetic snap on adaptors are innovative to say the least.

With all that in mind, and understanding that for something to keep getting use in the Long household means a solid stamp of approval – we’ve no hesitation in awarding the Dyson Supersonic EFTM’s Best Lifestyle for 2016.