This is a big one, another overall award – one of EFTM’s key three verticals (Tech, Car & Lifestyle) so it’s got to be good. Not just good, great. Our Best Car for 2016 – the recently launched Volvo S90.

When you see and drive a lot of cars, sometimes they blur over each other. Sometimes they give you a real buzz like the supercars do, and other times they leave a lasting impression.

The Volvo S90 is a car that did the latter. I long to see one on the road, yet one of the reasons I love it is that it will be somewhat unique. In a world of BMW 5’s Audi A6’s and Mercedes E’s it’s nice to see something different.


Then there’s the design, standout stuff, great angles and lines – a really nice curb and on-road appeal.

Driving is a delight, and when you throw in the advanced high-tech safety and driver automation features it really kicks it out of the park.

This is a car I’d be happy, in fact keen to have in the driveway. I wonder why more people don’t test drive Jaguar’s and Volvos, if they did you’d find some great stuff just like this S90 for sure.


The EFTM Best Car 2016 is the Volvo S90 Sedan.