So here’s the thing, you’re already spending way to much time on Facebook right?  Well brace yourself for more incoming game request – but this time not in your notification feed – in your Facebook Messages.


That’s right, Facebook now has games built right into Messenger, both on the web and the app.  And they are, retro, and addictive.

They aren’t that obvious at first, but once you see it, you can’t look away.


A little game controller icon joins the photo, video, chat and other icons and allows you to choose a game and challenge a mate.

Simple – easy, and ready to go right now.


On your smartphone it’s touch controlled, while on your web desktop it’s mouse and keyboard controlled.

Good luck if you’ve got annoying friends on Facebook who just can’t stop messaging you game request.


And enjoy it if you have mates who just suck at games, like Quattromani:)