For those who travel or are frugal with their mobile data, Netflix has a new feature aimed just at you. Downloads. Yep, you can now download Netflix content for use offline.


There’s two clear use cases for offline access to Netflix.  The traveller – those who fly a bit and need to enable airplane mode so are stuck with purchased content or the airline entertainment system.

And those low on mobile data.  If you’ve only got a few Gig of data per month on your mobile, you don’t want to chew through it while you’re on the bus or train on the way to work.


Netflix download means you can now choose some shows to download to your device while you’re connected at your home WiFI (or at work!) and then use no mobile data when watching them, or watch them even when your phone is in airplane mode.


It’s not the entire Netflix library that’s available, but at a glance you’ll certainly find all Netflix originals and more recently added content.

Individual rights will need to be negotiated with all content makers before the library expands gradually.


The download feature is available on all Netflix plans and works on Android and iOS Tablets and Smartphones.

All you need to do is get the updated Netflix app and you’re ready to go!