Sadly for Samsung it’s going to get worse before it gets better, the impact on the company from the Note 7 recall will be widespread.  Despite it being just one of very many devices the brand is taking a hit and the third quarter Mobile phone shipment data from IDC paints a worrying picture.

Quarter three clearly takes into account the data from July, August and September of this year, and while IDC counts shipments not sales it’s likely indicative of a concerning trend for Samsung and in part Apple.

The data shows Apple up year on year on total shipments, while Samsung is down some 3%.

When you consider the impact that could come in Q4 from the launch of the Google Pixel among others there’s really only one place those sales are going to come from – that’s Samsung’s slice of the pie.

Alcatel, ZTE and Huawei had year on year increases for the quarter, with Alcatel growing by 2% to 6% and Huawei and ZTE growing well also.

Though the percentages don’t tell the whole story.  The overall Aussie market declined for the sixth straight quarter, with just 2.06million phones shipped compared to 2.2million the year before.

IDC Data: