Taking a quick wine trip to Marlborough, New Zealand is not all so simple for a Sydney-sider. A trip to Chippendale is though. At the Stoneleigh Hotel you’ll not only taste the wines from Stoneleigh but you’ll be able to see, touch, smell and completely experience the brand.


The Stoneleigh Hotel has been created as a pop-up wine experience in Chippendale where your senses will be completely engaged. As you arrive your concierge will take you through to a tasting experience. The entire venue has been decorated and landscaped with soil, grass, plants and all elements of nature to bring Marlborough to you. The earthy scents waft through the entire place. The waitresses will provide you with a tasting of two styles of Sauvignon Blanc and two styles of Pinot Noir from Stoneleigh.


You’ll taste the wines as you progress through the tour and each room completely decorated so wonderfully and everywhere you look is a perfect picture waiting to be captured. The music through the venue compliments the scenery and the wine tops the experience. You’ll feel completely lost.


At the end of the tour there is zero cost to you and Stoneleigh don’t even sell the wine there so there is completely no obligation to purchase anything, the only wish from Stoneleigh seems that you leave with wonderful memories and some photos from the experience.


We sampled the wine at Stoneleigh and will make one point, the Wild Valley Sauvignon Blanc is a real treat. Especially if you aren’t inclined to drink this style normally it will impress you. If you can’t make it to the Stoneleigh Hotel before it closes then we’d recommend this bottle for summer.

There is a chance to get down there and be involved before it closes!


48 Kensington Street, Chippendale NSW


Friday 25 November, 5pm – 10pm

Sunday 27 November, 12pm – 5pm

Wednesday 30 November, 5pm – 10pm

Friday 2 December, 5pm – 10pm

Saturday 3 December, 12pm – 10pm