As we age we eventually stop growing, we get to around 18 years old or so and we’re no longer growing out of our clothes unless we put on or drop a lot of weight.

With that in mind, what if our next t-shirt or pants purchase was guaranteed to last for 30 years? If we bought it at aged 20, we’d be wearing it until we’re 50? Any mending along the way is managed, for free, by the supplier.


That supplier is Tom Cridland, owner of Tom Cridland, who hasn’t aged 30 years but will happily promise that any items he sells today will be mended if required for the next 30 years. The concept is that as a society we toss clothing out far too often, it’s a huge waste, not sustainable and generally silly. A quality purchase today can be made to last and provided you can still fit into it, why not?


Tom Cridland also has a Christmas style range so that yearly Christmas photo could be the same for 30 years, well, the clothing anyway!

Based in the UK you might need to pay some shipping costs to Australia however upon conversion of the products you won’t exactly break the bank purchasing some trousers and tops. Let’s just hope young Tom is ready with a needle an thread if 20 years from now you have some mending required.