Making pasta dishes at home is a common thing for most households. The good ol’ spag bol is a classic and it’s fantastic. Many people will make their pasta dish from hard packet pasta while the “next level” home chefs will make their pasta from scratch. This means making a mess on the bench, rolling out dough, putting it through a pasta device which needs to be hand wound and it’s midnight before you’re ready to eat. Until now…


Philips have created a product that is similar in size to a common coffee machine, it’s going to be your little pasta buddy. All you need is flour and water… seriously. The Pasta Maker from Philips is going to make you the expert. Choose the type of pasta you want and change the extrusion adapter. Within minutes of adding some flour and water you’ll see spaghetti pushed through the tiny holes ready to be cooked.


The machine is a wonder to watch in action. The top has a clear lid so you can see the rod turn the flour and water into a dough. From there it will force the dough through the extrusion point. Different pasta types can be achieved, including lasagne sheets and asian noodles. All you need to focus on is cutting the pasta at the lengths you need, if you don’t, you end up with the worlds longest pasta. The total time for extrusion can be up to 15 minutes and the Pasta Maker will try its best to use every ounce of dough. We also loved the recipe book Philips throw in the box helping you make up to 25 different pasta styles by adding different ingredients.


Cleaning the Philips Pasta Maker is simple. The front of the machine easily comes off and the components can all be washed. It’s best done early so the dough doesn’t get too dry and hard. Remembering how to put it back together is more important, but you’ll figure it out quickly. The bottom of the Pasta Maker has a drawer for storing the other pasta adapters and cleaning accessories, all packed in nicely.


The Philips Pasta Maker is an incredible product, you will need to be a lover of pasta to get the money worth but if packet pasta is no longer acceptable then this is it. If your friends or family are traditional pasta makers they will be embarrassed at how easy you can do the same thing and in less time. From $359RRP it could change your dinners and lunches for life.