As soon as I looked at our list, I knew the Playstation VR was deserving of more than a category win in the EFTM Best awards this year. This is a game-changing bit of technology that changes what we know about VR and changes how we interact with a lounge-room games consoles.

While VR is not new, VR is also not mainstream, a long way from it – and having gamers get a Playstation VR then seeing their family interact with it will spread the word like wildfire.


The ability to walk around in a limited space within the virtual world is the key differentiator for me, as is the quality of the system and vision.

Interaction via the Playstation Move controllers brings another dimension to the games and again sets it apart from other systems. This is not the best VR system on the planet, that would likely go to the HTC Vive – but that’s not what we’re judging. We’re looking at a bit of technology that will hit hundreds of thousands of homes and at $549 is ridiculously affordable given the comparative market.

A great bit of tech, hard to imagine how it could be beaten even next year frankly.

The Playstation VR is our EFTM Best Tech for 2016