Apple today announced a large number of new apps and products available in the product (RED) category in support of World AIDS Day.

Apple is the world’s largest corporate contributor to the Global Fund for AIDS research with this year marking the 10th anniversary of their support for (RED) in the fight to end AIDS.


“The gift of life is the most important gift that anyone can give,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Thanks to the vision and dedication of (RED), an AIDS-free generation is within our reach. We want to leave the world better than we found it, and that’s why our longtime partnership with (RED) remains so important to us.

So, for the next week there’s a bunch of popular apps in the App Store offering limited-edition custom (RED) content with all proceeds of the in-app purchases going to the Global Fund.

Additionally, a new iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case, iPhone SE case, Beats Solo3 Wireless headphone and Pill+ portable speaker now come in new (RED) colours.


Beats and Apple have raised almost $120 million of the $360 million raised by the (RED) Global Fund which is pretty staggering.

If you’re looking to a game or app to use to support the initiative, here’s the list!

  • InAngry Birds 2, you can purchase the (GEM PILE)RED from the in-game shop. In addition to the (GEM PILE)RED, there is a special spell, and a set of custom superhero masks that you can use in the game through December 6. (Rovio)
  • InAngry Birds POP!, you can purchase a special bundle, (BUNDLE)REDfrom the in-game shop. In addition to the (BUNDLE)RED, there is also a special character, and a (RED) themed community challenge you can take part in. (Rovio)
  • InBest Fiends, you can purchase the game’s red Fiends, including a brand new hero, the SUPER RARE FIEND Bam, with all proceeds going directly to (RED)’s fight against AIDS. (Seriously)
  • InBest Fiends Forever, you can purchase the special Slap Damage boost or the unique (FOREVER)RED Bundle in-game, which includes a unique Souvenir, (THE RED HERO!), a special 2x damage bonus to all red Fiends, and limited-edition Stickers with all proceeds going to the fight against AIDS. (Seriously)
  • InBoom Beach, you can purchase the (PILE OF DIAMONDS)RED and you will earn a special decorative Golden Medic statue to watch over your base for a limited time. (Supercell)
  • InCandy Crush Jelly Saga’sexclusive (TREASURES)RED event, you can battle bosses and steal treasures for a limited time while also picking up the (MARVELOUS MIX)RED bundle that includes boosters. (King)
  • When playingClash Royale, you can purchase the (HERO PACK)RED which will give you a (POUCH OF GEMS) RED and a limited time red King tower! You can also continue to purchase the (POUCH OF GEMS)RED. (Supercell)
  • InClash of Clans, you can purchase the (HERO PACK)RED and earn a Mighty Hero statue and for a limited time a red shoulder armor for the Barbarian King. You can also purchase the (GEM PACK)RED. (Supercell)
  • InCSR2, you can purchase a unique rare car, the Bugatti Chiron, which has been specially created for CSR 2 and (RED) by the design team at Bugatti. This very special Tier 5 car is one of the fastest cars in the game and owning one gives racers access to a variety of (RED) race events with rare prizes. You can also receive a daily, free crate containing Bugatti fusion parts and rewards. (Zynga)
  • Episodeis unveiling brand new Games for (RED) Demi Lovato and Mean Girls stories that include special (PRODUCT)RED outfits. (Pocket Gems)
  • InFarm Heroes Sagayou can match Cropsies, and fireworks will fly during the game’s exclusive (FIREWORKS)RED event for a limited time. Purchase (HUNTER’S PACK)RED for gold bars to help you progress. (King)
  • InFarmVille: Tropic Escape, you can purchase 3 different premium Hero packages, including the (GEMS)RED Bundle, (LIFEGUARD)RED bundle and the (PARROT)RED bundle, which also unlock exclusive tropical-themed decorations and rewards. (Zynga)
  • InFIFA Mobile, you can purchase the (ASSIST PACK)RED to unlock limited-edition items. You will also receive higher value players with this special pack including 4 Gold and 2 Silver or better players. In addition, you will get an exclusive (EA SPORTS)RED kit and ball to use in-game, along with the new (PROFILE LOGO)RED to show off their participation in Games for (RED). (EA)
  • InHay Day, you can purchase the (BAG OF DIAMONDS)RED and you will earn a special decorative Mr. Wicker statue including the ability to decorate your Roadside Shop with an exclusive RED theme. You can also continue to purchase the (BAG OF DIAMONDS)RED, to place more Mr. Wicker statues on your farm. (Supercell)
  • When you purchase the (POWER PACK)RED inMARVEL Contest of Champions, you will receive 3-Star Daredevil (Classic), 3-Star Elektra, 2x Tier 5 Skill ISO-8 and a (POWER PACK)RED TICKETto access a special quest from MARVEL Contest of Champions. (Kabam)
  • You can purchase the (SUPER BUNDLE)RED inPlants vs. Zombies Heroescontaining rare cards with a collection of red teammates and premium cards from the game, including exclusive access to Plants vs. Zombies 2 favorite character, Red Stinger. You can even join forces with Plant Hero Rose and explore exciting new Games for (RED) missions and quests to earn rewards.(EA)
  • InPewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator, you can purchase a pack of exclusive items that will allow you to decorate your in-game room and help get more votes in our events! (Outerminds)
  • InSimCity BuildIt, you purchase the new (SIMCASH)RED Pack, earn the right to vote on the new bridge type and get exclusive Games for (RED) Collection buildings for your city. This collection includes the limited-edition (HANGAR)RED, (BALLOON PARK)RED, (HELIPORT)RED and more. Plus, discover a new quest to earn a one-of-a-kind Park. (EA)
  • War Dragonsis turning the skies red with an all-new dragon, Raetrix, as well as animated hero avatars. (Pocket Gems)
  • InYAHTZEE With Buddies, you can purchase the (PACK)RED, play in YAHTZEE with Buddies’ (HERO TOWER)RED Dice Master Showdown, or participate in the (COMMUNITY)RED event to join with the rest of the community to earn exclusive prizes such as the (HEARTFELT)RED Custom Dice set. (Copley)

Get downloading folks, for a good cause.