Jeni & Ray have sixteen kids – that’s right 16. And aside from a range of other very important questions (like: WHY!?), Sony decided to see if a PS4 could entertain a family that size.

Given they have just one bathroom, probably haven’t owned anything other than a minibus for 10-15 years and goodness only knows what the grocery bills are like – you’d imagine a PS4 would result in more fights than anything else.

This video suggests otherwise:

A PS4 can certainly entertain one person, even four.  The other fourteen people are just watching on.  Looks like the Bonells are a pretty tight nit bunch and assuming they can keep enjoying each other’s gaming, plus can somehow decide which movie or TV show to watch on Stan or which songs to listen to on Spotify – this should all work out well.

As best we can tell the kids are:

  • Jesse, 26,
  • Brooke, 25,
  • Claire, 23,
  • Natalie, 21,
  • Karl, 20,
  • Samuel 18,
  • Cameron, 16,
  • Sabrina, 16,
  • Timothy, 13,
  • Brandon, 11,
  • Eve, 10,
  • Nate, 9,
  • Rachel, 8,
  • Eric, 6,
  • Damian, 5,
  • Katelyn, 2.

Mum and Dad Bonell don’t seem to need the PS4 – they have enough fun together already:)