I climbed into the Nissan for a weekend commute to work. It was literally a step up from the Camry and definitely had more grunt. In fact compared to the sedan I’m used to driving it definitely felt quite truck-like. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing – I did a lot of my early driving in dad’s ute so it was nice to get back to my roots. 


Once I got going it was pretty smooth. The cruise control was easy to work and great to operate. The centre display is also user-friendly and was quick to connect my mobile. I also managed to drive so efficiently I even beat my husband’s best fuel economy result, coming in with a 7.6.


The seats are comfortable and easily adjusted. And it’s nice to sit up high above the traffic. Looking into the rear view mirror took a little getting use to as there are several black lines through your view due to the small window that can be opened in the back window.  


I need to spend more time in the back seats and while the husband tells me they’re among the best for dual cabs currently on the market, I worry about the comfort of kids sitting bolt upright for a long time. A dual cab is definitely something we want as a family car down the track and the comfort of the kids is surely a biggie when it comes to long trips and keeping the drama to a minimum. Regardless the car feels roomy and luxurious for a dual cab.


The vehicle, while feeling truck-like, is easy to manoeuvre. I successfully executed a reverse parallel park, up a hill, into a tight spot with my husband in the car. The reversing cameras were great but I didn’t need them, I would have passed my p’s test with flying colours 😉