Don’t get all hysterical about hot cross buns already being on sale, but we should at least focus on Christmas because that really is just around the corner. Navman has come up with a gift guide we think is very useful and one that could make you a potential star on Dash Cams Australia!

So, let’s take a look at Navman’s newest range of GPS devices.

Learners, P platers and new drivers

For the newbies on our roads the Navman MOVE120M GPS at just $139 is a top gift. You see dashcams are not just about navigation or recording your progress. This device can help young drivers via speed and safety camera alerts with reminders to slow down in school zones. Program in your address and they’ll always find their way home, wherever they’ve been, plus help find parking and petrol stations at the touch of a button.

Navman MOVE120M GPS

Spend a lot of time in the car?

The Navman CRUISE650MMT is designed for the busy driver. It can help you find that new sports ground, restaurant or shopping centre. Packing a fast processor, large screen, lane guidance plus 3D junction views seeing and hearing exactly where to go and when, is simple.

Live traffic alerts will re-route you around traffic snarls, saving you time and lowering stress levels. It has a multi-trip planner for those doing a Bunnings run, on a soccer training mission or a work meeting in the city. It simply plans the most efficient route.  

At $229 The Navman CRUISE650MMT features a smart new design with a magnetic mount to easily snap in and out whenever you need, a smooth glide LCD screen and USB power adapter.  


Beyond the urban jungle

The Navman DRIVE DUO SUV is a must have for the outdoors type. It comes loaded with ‘HERE’ 4WD tracks listing campsites and points-of-interest as well as a great built-in Super 2K dash cam. 

A “large vehicle assist” feature will make sure you don’t head into unsuitable terrain, if you’re towing a long trailer for example. There is also Lonely Planet travel guides plus a Zomato Restaurant Guide to find great places to eat. It will set you back $479.


Two for one

If you need the best of the best take a look at the Navman DRIVE DUO 2.0. This is a dual GPS and dash cam, so you get two skills all in the one unit

It mixes top quality GPS that includes premium safety alerts, the Zomato Restaurant Guide and live traffic; with a brilliant dash-cam that comprises of Full HD 1080P recording and Advanced Driver Systems (ADAS) safety features, making it an essential all-on-one gadget for the car. 

Fatigue alerts ensure you take a break on long drives, plus a roadside assist function provides reassurance on long trips. The Navman Drive Duo 2.0 is great gift at just $279.

Navman DRIVE DUO 2.0

Available at all major electronics retailers. 

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