There’s a few issues with the standard shower in most homes, so why not use technology to solve those issues – that’s exactly what Moen are doing with their U Shower product being showcased at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.


The concept is quite simple, and what they’ve done is then just add to it with new ideas. You replace your taps with a digital controller. That controller has a display and several physical buttons.

First and foremost, you can control the temperature with a Hot or Cold button, flicking through the degrees one by one.


But where it gets cool is the smarts.

Throw in a preset. One for you, one for the missus. Just like in your car radio, you press your preset and your favourite temperature is displayed. When the temp is reached – the display shows you it’s ready.

Then there’s the smartphone integration. Yep, that’s right. Control the temp, choose a preset, even get a notification the temp is ready.


Parents will love this – kids too long in the shower? Sitting by the TV you can just open the app and turn it off – even set time-limits.

It’s clearly a high-end product, but for those able to afford the fanciest of fancy bathrooms, this is the sort of thing you’d have to consider.

A smart shower – go figure!