As an iMac user I am constantly frustrated where the USB and SD card slots are situated, so a USB/SD hub is usually a must. While wandering the isles of Big W the other day I came across the POUT EYES 8.

The POUT EYES 8 Eyes 8 is a 3 in 1  monitor stand hub with a wireless charging pad. This stylish monitor stand consists of:

  • 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad for Qi-enabled devices
  • 1x USB 3.0 Type C Port
  • 3x USB Type A Ports
  • 1x SD Card Slot
  • 1x Micro SD Card Slot

In the box you get the stand itself with non slip rubber feet (no assembly required), a USB 3.0 Data Cable which plugs into the back of your computer and a Fast Charging cable which plugs into the power ( however no charging brick provided).

Also in the box is a USB C to A adapter if you want to use a USB C power brick.

In the current situation where a lot of us are working from home, i think the Pout Eyes 8 is a great no clutter solution for any office or home office. The stand elevates the screen which encourages better posture. I like to charge my AirPods Pro case while I am working on the charging pad.

The space under the stand also provides for a great place to store your keyboard and mouse while not in use.

The Pout Eyes 8 comes in two colours, Maple White and Black and is available from Big W, Kogan, and Officeworks for $149.95