Today at CES we were introduced to Smarter FridgeCam, literally a camera that goes into your fridge. You don’t stick it in there to keep your camera from melting but because it can help you know what is in stock while you’re out grocery shopping.


Last year Samsung went big and introduced a very smart fridge and one of it’s biggest features was the cameras inside it. For those not wanting to spend nearly $10,000 on a fridge, this little gadget will meet your needs.

The camera can be stuck under a shelf in the fridge and face inwards, when you open and shut your fridge the FridgeCam will snap a pic and send it to the cloud. Those pics can then be seen on your smartphone where you could add expiry dates for tracking also. The FridgeCam is able to read labels too, this means that you’ll be able to make lists of what is in your fridge, the app will also use these lists to suggest recipes based on what is in your fridge. That is smart.


The Smarter FridgeCam is launching in the US early this year and we can expect to see it in more countries this year. It will be $149.99 in the US when it does launch.