Advanced hair care? That’s a yeah-yeah at CES 2017

Eighties rock musicians had it, Bruce Willis used to and Vin Diesel forged a great career when he gave up on his. We’re talking about hair and gadgets trying to save yours (and mine) were on show at the CES Unveiled event ahead of CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

Two different devices trying to solve hair loss stood out amongst the likes of smart speakers and toy robots, but both wanted to laser your hair into a vibrant new growth.


The iGrow combines lasers with a helmet and add headphones.

The iGrow combines lasers with a helmet and add headphones.


The iGrow looks like a bike helmet fell in love with a pair of headphones. Pop it on your noggin for 25 minutes and, according to the manufacturer Aspira Science, 51 lasers and LED lights will make your thinking hair stronger and more luxuriant.

That headphone resemblance isn’t just cosmetic, by the way — it actually has built in headphones, with Aspira suggesting you grab a quick gaming session while laser treating your head.

The Hairmax: a high tech headband.

The Hairmax: a high tech headband.

The HairMax Laser Band 41 does exactly the same thing, but with 41 lasers and in a form factor that makes it look like you joined a Jem and the Holograms cover band. HairMax says you only need “as little as” three minutes, three times a week which at least curtails your couch potato action.

Withings turns its hand to hair care.

Withings turns its hand to hair care.

The one that might have some legs to it is the Hair Coach, powered by Withings. If that name is familiar, you might know it from the long line of fitness products, including a very popular line up of smart scales.

The brush analyses how dry your hair is and how susceptible to damage and breakage it is, as well as offering feedback on your brushing style. So even if you don’t have a problem with hair loss yet ( just like the EFTM team) the Hair Coach could keep you ahead of the curve. And if not? Well you can usually get a pair of clippers for about twenty bucks.

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