He’s known for his outspoken nature pushing his online sales business against some of Australia’s biggest bricks and mortar retailers over the last fourteen years, and Ruslan Kogan isn’t slowing down.

As retail stores struggle with a pivot toward online sales and delivery, his business is weathering the storm.

Despite Kogan’s staff working from home, they are still acquiring products fulfilling orders and growing their business.

EFTM has obtained an all-staff email founder and CEO Ruslan Kogan has sent out. The email serves as a thank you for their work in these challenging times, it also offers job security as many in the community are concerned about their own jobs.

A Young Ruslan Kogan – before his company went public and grew to the scale it is at today

In addition, Kogan outlines a generous $500 bonus payment to all staff:

every Kogan.com team member — including our international offices, part time and casual workers, and those that just started last week — will receive a $500 bonus. You will be paid this bonus in your next pay cycle

Pretty impressive stuff, and sure to give peace of mind to the hundreds of staff who have a whole new style of work to adapt to with almost no warning.

Bravo Ruslan, Bravo.

Here’s the full all-staff email:

From: Ruslan Kogan
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 at 17:27
Subject: Thank you!

G’day Team,

I miss you all! Back in 2006, I started Kogan.com as a “Work From Home” operation from my parents’ garage. As we’ve now returned to the working from home roots from which our company grew, we can all be reassured that we have the tools we need to make it easy to work remotely. But I really miss walking around the office and chatting to every department about the exciting things you’re working on, the challenges you’re facing, and your big wins.

New working conditions
I have been so proud and inspired to see you all step up to the challenge of the current environment. These are not easy times. You have shown resilience and determination to continuously improve and adapt to the changing
circumstances. I’ve seen meetings happen at all times of the day from 6am to
2am, and I know everyone has devoted their utmost in their own roles and in
their willingness to help colleagues.

Thank you for rising to the occasion and for working so hard to serve both the business and our community during a time when the public needs us most. Thanks to your dedication and work, we are able to help you and your
families in return.

Job security & bonus
In recent weeks, many Aussie retailers have needed to lay off thousands of hard working Australians, and many others have imposed deep pay cuts or stood down workers without pay. While there is a lot of uncertainty around us, I want to make it clear that there are no plans for COVID-19 related
redundancies at Kogan.com. There will be no pay cuts, and no team members will be stood down without pay. In fact, we’re going to continue hiring and growing our team.

Thanks in no small part to your incredible effort, our business has been
able to weather this storm, and can now serve the community in its hour of

As a small token of appreciation for your hard work, every Kogan.com team member — including our international offices, part time and casual workers, and those that just started last week — will receive a $500 bonus. You will be paid this bonus in your next pay cycle.

We recognise that, as you work from home, and as your family adjusts to
the new circumstances we are all facing, you no doubt have challenges, and we hope that this bonus assists you in some small way.

Solid foundations
Our business is in a solid position today because of the hard work we have all put in over the last 14 years. Our company has grown to be a portfolio of businesses with diversified supply chains. We have withstood a shut-down in China, a web attack on a freight provider, huge currency fluctuations, the cessation of supply from major partners, and the insolvency of a supplier — and this was only in the last few weeks. Despite these challenges, today we are stronger than ever.

However, we can’t rest on our laurels, and we must keep innovating and
improving in order to serve our community. We must remain considerate of those doing it tough.

We’re still hiring
I am proud that Kogan.com has kept hiring and growing our team through this period. Congratulations to all of our leaders who last week onboarded and trained our first group of team members who we have only ever met virtually. We will continue to grow our team, and everyone is eligible for referral bonuses. So if you know someone brilliant who will cut the mustard in our fast-paced environment, please refer them for an opportunity.

Our role in the community
I would like to give a special shout out and thank you to our sourcing and logistics teams that have been working tirelessly to support our community when they need us most. Right now, the ability for us to source what people need is central to our role in the community.

Both the company and I have been donating critical protective supplies to
doctors and medical facilities that have been left without the ability to acquire personal protective equipment. This has only been made possible by utilising our world-leading supply chain, rapid fulfillment, and logistics capabilities. Our teams are working hard to support our community during a time it needs us most.

Wherever we can, let’s show appreciation to our frontline and medical
workers. My mother is a nurse so I have witnessed first hand over several
decades the important role these individuals play in our society and how they
put the needs of others ahead of their own as their primary endeavour day in,
day out.

Team, thank you for playing a critical role in our mission, and in the wider community as we recover and rebuild together.

Keep up the great work and stay healthy,

PS. As I said last week, social distancing isn’t fun and many out there are doing it tough. Please remember to keep making a few additional calls each day to check-in on your family, friends and colleagues.