The Snapchat generation has created a whole new Augmented Reality feature to loads of new camera apps and social media apps – the face play with characters and makeup displayed on your face in real-time on your smartphone camera.  Alcatel is adding this functionality to the camera app of its smartphones in 2017.


There’s no doubting Alcatel aims itself at the younger generation – they are looking for fun designs, great value but still require performance.  That’s where Alcatel tick boxes because they have all those features and more.

Here at CES in Las Vegas we learned that in 2017 Alcatel would move away from their Pixi/Pop/Idol naming convention to a more alpha-numeric name such as the A3 XL which I’ve been looking at here.


The names should give a better indication of feature class, and be a clearer distinction from one to the other.

While playing with the A3XL I noticed in selfie-camera mode two new options appeared. Instant Collage and Face Play.


The Instant collage allows you to create a series of photos into one frame, as is done on Instagram with “Layout” or originally many people used “PicFrame”.


Face Play is reminiscent of Snapchat where your face is recognised and characters can be virtually overlaid onto your face and will move with your facial expression.


This isn’t to suggest kids won’t be using Snapchat, but for the non-social photos you just want to have some fun with, Face Play could be a real winner.


Oh and look out, Alcatel sell a lot of phones – lots, so there’s nothing to stop Mum, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa snapping away a photo of themselves as a Pirate or Lion any day now!


The entire new range should be revealed at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.