Netgear’s Arlo range of smart-home security cameras have been a big hit worldwide. The 100% wire-free approach to camera technology means an easier setup and simple installation – in 2017 the product just gets better with three new camera variants.

The new 2017 range adds to the existing Arlo and Arlo Q which will still be on sale, we’d hope to see the price of Arlo drop for new consumers, while the new cameras will be priced at a premium above the original Arlo price.

There’s three new cameras – Arlo Pro, Arlo Go and Arlo Baby.

Arlo Pro


The new Arlo Pro is slightly large than the original Arlo but fits all the same magnetic and tripod style mounts.

In the back you’ll find a removable battery which can be removed and charged with a separate accessory, or alternatively the Arlo Pro features a MicroUSB port to charge direct, and a recharge takes just hours.

Image sensing is improved so much more immediate motion detection is possible removing the lag that exists today, while there is also now two-way audio from the user behind the smartphone in the cloud back and forth with the person at the camera.

Arlo Go


This guy is much bigger. But still small generally. Again, same features as the original Arlo but with all the improvements of the Arlo Pro – plus for the Arlo Go you can slot a MicroSD card into the back as well as a 4G SIM card to get local recording and direct connectivity without the need for a base-station.

Ideal for construction sites, remote areas of a property or even an overview of your home as a full redundancy not requiring your home wi-fi to be enabled.


Plus, Netgear have a Solar panel accessory which means the two paired together could last almost forever.

Camouflage accessories mean you can put one up in a tree and it will never be detected.


EFTM understands Netgear is working with Telstra to provide bundled purchase and data plans, as well as stocking the Arlo Go in major retailers without a SIM card included.

Arlo Baby


Someone at Netgear had a baby. That’s where ideas like this come from. Take an Arlo pro. Put it into a “toy like” form factor, add some rubber ears and feet and you’ve got a camera the kids will smile at, that’s also keeping a watchful eye on them.

Arlo have added Temperature, Humidity and Air Quality sensors, plus a night-light and speaker so you can set it to play lullabies.

Vision comes through the normal Arlo app, but an optional 7 inch screen is available for true real-time monitoring.

These are all very existing products coming to Australia very soon.