While they may be far-flung, ugly and may never see the light of day the concept cars of CES are at the very least an interesting insight into how each company sees the future.  So we thought we’d wrap up for you all the concept cars of CES right here at EFTM

The Chrysler Portal

Chrysler Portal Concept Exterior

The electric van designed by Millennials for Millennials, that’s the Chrysler Portal Concept. It’s about the most fun you can have while existing in “The Third Space”. It knows you and your family intimately and is designed for those who just can’t get over their screen addiction, its plug and play style cabin is the ultimate for in vehicle connectivity.

The Volkswagen I.D.


A production version of the Volkswagen I.D. is due in 2020 and is probably one of the more conservative looking concept cars at CES. It’s electric and will feature autonomous driving modes as standard.

The Toyota Concept-i


Designed with a “people that use it” philosophy in mind, the Concept-i features an AI interface that you engage with via “Yui”. Yui is like your new best friend, it gets to know you and helps make driving so much more fun, we think.

The Nissan Bladeglider


This long-nosed creation sees the driver sit in a central seating position with room for two in the rear. It features an advanced-full electric battery powertrain, is said to be very quick and emission free.

3D Printed Car


This creation from Divergent will never hit the road, but given the tech behind it we thought it worthy of a mention. Known as the Blade the amazing looking concept is more about eco-friendly manufacturing and an attempt to prove 3D printing technology is the answer.

Mercedes Vision Van


Mercedes-Benz are known for their transit vans across the world but for the first time at this year’s CES an exhibit takes the humble courier van to a whole new level. It has delivery drones on its roof and can release robots to help deliver goods. It’s the mothership of vans.