It’s been two years since Panasonic brought the Technics brand back into the limelight and the company hasn’t been resting on its laurels.

At CES 2017 press conference that was mostly dominated by B2B announcement, Panasonic offered a cold drink to an audience thirsting for some consumer news, all in the guise of some brand new Technics high-end sound systems.

The Grand Class SL-1200GR tuentable is a mouthful to say, but your ears will thank you. It’s an update to the 1200G (which was only released last October) and features direct-drive technology, a high precision motor controller, as well as low-vibration and metal shielding. If you’re not audio-crazy just trust us that it all adds up to a high-end listening experience.

Two other new Technics products are the perfect companions for the 1200GR: the SU-G90 and the SU-G700. (Panasonic really needs to spice up the names a little.)

All three on stage at CES.

All three on stage at CES.

The G90 is the Grand Class Speaker System, big 1.1m floor speakers with a wide sound range, low distortion and a very stylish look. The G700 is the super high-end amplifier that brings the two together. Get all three and you’ve got sort of vinyl hi-fi system that you dreamed off back in the 70s. Or at your dad did. But no, you won’t be paying 70s prices for any of this top of the line gear.