CES in Las Vegas is a global consumer electronics show, a chance for companies small and large to showcase their products to the media and to the retail industry in the hope of getting onto store shelves in the year ahead.  In that context, it’s great to see an Aussie company here with a groundbreaking product with a real chance of global success.


I’m referring to Nuheara – a Western Australian company ASX listed that’s bringing a set of earbuds to the market that aren’t just wire-free they are innovative.

Sure you can stream your music wirelessly, enjoying the freedom of the Bluetooth world we’re in and that Apple among others is keen to push.

But have you ever been in a crowded place trying to have a conversation and find yourself saying “pardon”, “sorry didn’t hear you” or leaning in close to listen?


I can’t stand going to noisy crowded locations for that very reason.  Enter the IQ Buds from Nuheara, paired with your smartphone with app control you can switch on a conversation amplification feature which does just that – amplifies the conversation you’re in.

I thought it was a great idea, but when I tried it I realised they were really onto something here.


Just like with standard noise-cancelling headphones the bulk of the rough noise around me was dulled, muffled if you like, but when Justin Miller the Co-Founder and CEO – who was standing a meter in front of me in a very busy room – spoke, my mind was blown. Immediately his voice was amplified like it was another track playing over the main sound.

A strange feeling to be honest, but once you realise what it’s doing the concept becomes real and it’s fantastic.


That said, I’m not yet 100% on the market.  Are we aiming at people with hearing difficulties who can’t use a hearing aid in these situations because that just amplifies every bit of noise.  Because in that circumstance – amazing.

Is there a mass market for these IQ Buds, or perhaps is Nuheara onto a technology that could be sold and licensed?

Either way, it’s a winner and this is a technology, and an Aussie company to watch.


We were so impressed we’ve awarded Nuheara our EFTM Best Award at CES for Innovation.