At CES we have been seeing plenty of solutions for the smart home, but not so many simple gadgets. Generally with the big solutions you need to buy into an ecosystem and buy everything from the one brand. With the two products below you will be able to easily configure them to control connected devices in your home already, and more.


Meet Flic

Flic is a very small button, around the size of seven 20c coins stacked up. It can pair with your phone for configuration and can be used to do a number of things (but only one per Flic), such as:

  • Control your Philips Hue lights
  • Control your Sonos speakers
  • Control Spotify
  • Text someone your location
  • Find your phone
  • Snooze your alarm


The Flic does all of this through clicking the button. It can be programmed to do different functions with a double click etc. The Flic is not an expensive product either, in the US it starts from $29.99 and via Amazon it could be shipped to Australia. We’ve got one in our hands so we’ll follow up with a review in the near future.

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Meet Senic

Senic is a rather different product to Flic from a premium standpoint and also a functionality one. The Senic looks like it was made by the engineers at Sonos. It is an absolutely high standard device with tap, swipe, and dial controls. It also has a led indicators to make it more intuitive to use.


The Senic however has a slightly shorter capabilities list than the Flic however it can do multiple in one. Senic can:

  • Control your Sonos (volume, skip, play/pause)
  • Control your Philips Hue light (on/off, dimming)

The Senic is more expensive at $199 in the US however depending on what you are looking to achieve you may prefer the premium option, especially knowing how much you already spent on your Sonos speakers!

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