If you take your home entertainment seriously — and you should — then you might want to consider the Avegant Glyph.

It looks like a cross between a VR headset and a pair of headphones that have fallen over your face, but it’s actually a personal video viewer offering HD video and high-end audio.

It plugs into a laptop and mobile device and lets you zone out to your own private theatre wherever you are. The twin 720p screens are adjustable for both eye distance and focus meaning if you’re a glasses wearer you can ditch the specs and still see what’s going on.

After a quick play around with them at CES 2017, I’m sold. They’re comfortable, the sound is great and the design means you can see above and below the video, so you’re still aware of your surroundings.


The battery offers four hours of video playback, according to the manufacturer, you’re not going to be binging the next Netflix hit all in one go, but you can get a couple of movies in before recharging.

The cup surfaces house the touch controls: adjust volume and even turn on or off head tracking: yes, if you’re watching 360 video the Glyph lets you look around all you want. It even supports 3D video if that’s your jam.

I take my movies and TV really seriously and the idea that I can lay around in bed still getting great video and audio is a killer concept. According to Avegant the company is “seriously considering” a push into Australia and the Asia Pac area, so keep and eye out of the Glyph coming your way.