Come on Belkin, you’re killing me here – I’m currently overseas, with cables, batteries and chargers all over the shop and then you announce the perfect product? I’ll forgive you, but blimey – the timing!

This new power bank is made for Apple lovers, those of us with an iPhone, an Apple Watch and maybe even AirPods.

This 10,000mAh battery seems very small to pack that much power, but what’s great is it’s able to charge your more recent Apple Watches from 0% to 80% in just 45 minutes, the Ultra takes an hour.

At the same time, you can plug in your iPhone and get a charge there too.

It’s design allows for a watch to sit on it with most straps, and for the battery to lay flat at the same time, while you charge your phone which it can do twice thanks to it’s capacity.

The actual powerbank can then be fast-charged at 20W and it’s got built- in overcharge protection, and Belkin’s connected equipment warranty which covers you for up to $2,500 for complete peace of mind.

Oh, and it’s got that green friendly plastic free packaging too.

Available next week from