Announced at CES 2017 the new 360 Smart Bed is here to keep your partner from snoring and to keep you comfortable.


the 360 Smart Bed is exactly that, really smart, app connected and packed with technology. Let’s take a look at what this new mattress can do:

  • Adjust the firmness. Not entirely new here but from your smartphone you can adjust your side of the mattress to be soft as a pillow or as hard as concrete. This is done through ResponsiveAir technology pumping and releasing air as necessary.
  • Sleep analytics. From your smartphone you can see by day, week or month how well you’ve been sleeping, for how long and how deep your sleep was.
  • Integrations with FitBit. This is a handy one, if you’ve had a big day on the fitness scale your bed may suggest a different level of stiffness for a better recovery.


  • Foot warming. If you’re 30 minutes from getting between the sheets your phone can activate the warming function. This allows you to get into bed without the need to kick around till your feet are warm.
  • Snoring elimination. This is the big one. If your bed senses snoring in the occupant the mattress is able to raise their head slightly to silence the beast. If you’re felt to be tossing and turning through the night, the mattress will also adjust until you’re back in deep sleep.
  • Under bed lighting. This is a handy one for those midnight bathroom breaks. When the bed senses you getting out of bed the mattress will illuminate your side to provide some light to your destination.
  • Waking up function. Since the bed is monitoring your sleep it will also be able to wake you at the best time in your sleeping patterns. You’ll wake up as close as possible to your scheduled time but you’ll feel refreshed and not interrupted.

The 360 Smart Bed will be available in 2017 with no pricing revealed just yet.