The wearable craze is huge, there is no doubt that the world is hungry for more data about themselves, their activities and they want to see it all on their smartphone. The fitness tracking industry is growing rapidly and the likes of FitBit dominate your wrists with technology. That may all be about to change.


I’ll put my hand up and say that yes, I wore a FitBit on my wedding day, it was all under the cuff but I was rather conscious of it being seen. Let’s face it, these wrist based wearables aren’t very attractive. What if on my wedding day the ring I was presented with was capable of doing all the great things we buy FitBit’s for?


Enter the Motiv. This ring comes in seven sizes and two tones (silver/rose gold) to suit you and your finger size. It has the following capabilities:

  • Waterproof to 5m as usual, no need to remove it when showering or washing your hands
  • Monitors your heart rate (the ring sizing is very important here)


  • Tracks active minutes, activity type, sleep duration, active heart rate, resting heart rate, calories burned, distance and steps
  • Syncs with an app for setting goals, hitting targets and general tracking
  • Charges with a USB magnetic keychain
  • Five days battery life


It’s rather remarkable that it packs so much kit into a ring, let’s be clear about it physically too, it’s only 8mm wide and the thickness is nothing unlike a normal ring. Finally the price…

The Motiv is available now for pre-sale at for $199. Not bad when you compare it to the wrist based devices!