At CES in Las Vegas we met a gadget named Eugene. Eugene wants to live near your bin inside the house and answer the question around recycling or garbage. Eugene is an internet connected gadget with a one year battery life. It has a barcode scanner and can read most of your household items. Using a product database supplemented by Walmart and Amazon, Eugene knows what you’re looking to throw out and provides feedback instantly about the trash or recycle question by component.


Eugene also takes your scanned data and logs various parts of it in your smartphone app. This includes how much you’ve recycled by weight, and how much you’ve thrown in the garbage. And like any smart gadget these days, it is gamified.


You’ll be able to see your friends recycling and garbage habits, compare environmental impacts and sip lavender tea discussing global warming.

Eugene pays attention to your rubbish and helps you either add those items back onto a shopping list or place a delivery order online. Uzer are bringing more and more supermarket chains into this arena so that Eugene can work for every country and every home.

Eugene is not yet available in Australia but can be purchased in Europe today for 79 euro.