Do you find fishing a bit, well, boring?

Are you sick of wondering how that slippery little sucker took your bait but evaded your hook?

Do you wonder if there’s even any fishies down there at all?

Rest easy then, because the PowerRay is about to change your angling forever.

Unveiled at CES, it’s an underwater drone that has a fish-finder GPS attached and boasts a 4K camera and LED lighting.


It gets better. The thing even has an extendable arm that dangles a hook out in front of it, so you can watch your little nemesis swallow your bait and, ideally, your hook too, via a live feed to your smartphone.

But wait, there’s more.

If driving this thing via remote control is a bit unremarkable for you, why not make use of the optional VR headset that provides the ultimate “immersive fishing experience”.

Just look around to steer and touch a button on the goggles to accelerate. At its top speed of 12 knots, its certainly no slouch.

Hell, why not link up 10 VR headset so your mates can see you land the big one?

Or perhaps just conduct your own sea floor search?

In truth, that might be tough, given the PowerRay’s 100ft range – unfortunately, it’s tethered rather than wireless, so forget about any deep-sea expeditions.

And at an estimated $2000 USD when it goes on sale, it’ll bite a solid chunk out of your wallet too.

But we don’t care, we want one. And we’d rename it to PowerRex, too.