Kwikset is one of the trail-blazers when it comes to smart lock technology. The latest version of their Kevo product is smaller, easier to install and has some incredible features for anyone worried about home security.

Keyless entry is the immediate benefit. The Kevo uses Bluetooth to tell when your phone is in range but after that you just need to touch the lock. It senses skin contact and opens automatically.

You can also send a one time code to other people. Need a tradie or a dog sitter to drop by? Don’t leave keys out. Just send them a code and they’ll be able to get in the one time and then you can cancel the code, locking them out.

And if your nan is visit and she can’t cope with new fangled locks, that’s ok too. Tapping the Kevo three times will lock it, even if there’s not a Bluetooth code in range. Even better, the latest Kwikset model is smaller and light than the previous iterations.


The Convert is a brand new Kwikset product. It designed to sit over existing locks and change them into a smart lock. While you lose the touch features of the Kevo, you still get the Bluetooth capabilities and the installation is quick and easy.

The original Kevo hit Bunnings in Australia and the new models should be on the way this year.