Dozer: A cuddly toy to help the kids get to sleep and track their sleep too

We’ve got sleep trackers on the wrist, you can get them on your mattress and they help you understand your sleep patterns and aim for better sleep.  Just how can you do this for your kids though?  Meet Dozer, the smart sleep buddy for kids.


Dozer is an adorable sheep, and as far as soft-toys go this thing is plus, 10 on the cuddly scale (at 1-10).

Inside is some advanced electronics to help you get your kids to sleep and get better at getting them to sleep too.


There’s a speaker so you can play music to them, and over time Dozer learns which music suits them most.  If a certain track or artist or style of music works better – Dozer will play it to get them to sleep!

Then there are sensors which monitor movement – quite accurately too because it’s in bed with your kids, probably right there with them in their arms.

Parents can get alerts to movement as well as understanding their child’s sleep through an app with a recorded history of it.

Very cool idea – due out this year.

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